Did you miss me?

I know it has been a while, but I have been kinda busy. I do have 3 kids, a husband, a dog and a pretty kitty. They all keep me so busy.

Thanks giving was great. I cooked for the first time EVER, and everyone is still breathing, so I guess I did pretty decent. I had 13 people over. Only 4 were children, so I got a 21 pound turkey thinking I would have LOADS of leftovers. Um, no. I was sadly mistaken on that prediction. After all was said and done, we had a great time.

Shawn and my new brother in law, Aaron, convinced my mother to drive over. They didn’t want her to spend the holiday by herself eating Chinese food. She was happy to come over, and was glad that she did. She said that my turkey was the best one she had EVER eaten in her 53 years!

MY TURKEY! OMG! It was freaking AWESOME! I brined it the night before, and cooked it stuffed with onions, carrots, apples. When I sliced into that piece of meat it was TO DIE FOR. Juice was going everywhere, and my mouth was watering. Funny thing is, I HATE turkey. I choke it down once a year, only due to tradition, but for some odd reason, I couldn’t get enough of my turkey this year. I’m excited to try my hand at it again on Christmas (I have another turkey sitting in my deep freezer).

I made my first ever pie from scratch. I DESPISE pumpkin pie, so I told my sister if she wanted pumpkin pie, she had to buy or make it herself. I have dabbled in baking for a few months now, and I get better with each subsequent batch of whatever I am making, so I didn’t hold much stock in how my first ever pie crust from scratch was going to fare. After the winning Tom, and the delicious sides, it was only natural to scarf down a piece of pie. So we cut into the cherry pie and it was so so scrumptious. Melt in your mouth, drool on yourself good. I had to pat myself on the back for that one.

To top off the best cooking ever, I started a whipped cream fight with my sister, Tara. HA HA HA! My husband then had to get in on the action, but ended up whacking her in the nose with the can and scarring it up. She’ll get over it. It was a BLAST!

By the time everyone left, I was beaming from ear to ear, stuffed to capacity, and ready for some much needed shut eye. Turkey Day was a hit!

Now, Ducky is sick. We ended up in the ER with him last week. Come to find out, he has Bronchiolitis with the start of Pneumonia. UGH! FML! Why me? He is taking antibiotics and doing much better. It took 3 days of constant doses of Motrin and Tylenol to keep his fever below 104, but I think it is now beat.

Holdyn is in preschool 2 times a week and doing great. He pees and poops at school on the toilet, yet refuses at home. We will figure it out one of these days. He is now teaching Ducky all the bad things he shouldn’t know, then being a tattletale when D starts doing them. What a turd! The terrible 2’s hit a month ago. I guess he is my overachiever. Somehow he manages to get only 4 appendages to go in 40 different directions during his fits. His birthday is on SUNDAY! Where did the last 2 years go? I don’t remember them at all. He is growing up too fast for my liking.

My baby is now 11 months. Did the last year really pass me by? i am honestly at a complete loss. He is trying to walk, but tends to fall short and end up in a face full of tile, carpet, or couch. Holdyn is trying to teach him how, but gets frustrated at him.

I’ll be back in a few to update some more, but my kids are calling!


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