I think I have a defective model

So, most of you all know my love for my mother in law (ha ha ha…he he he…). Shawn invited them over this weekend (with my blessing…I will post again with that story).

My MIL and FIL took Camryn with them this morning to church (this will be in new post). When they got home we were outside talking to them when my mother in law says (and I quote) “Camryn told me that Mommy hates someone” I cocked my eyebow and turned my head slightly too see Camryn behind me all sheepish like.

“And who is this, Camryn” I ask ever so nicely. I am thinking in my head that Camryn misinterpreted me when I had told him in the past that I didn’t believe in God. I thought MAYBE he mixed it up in his brain.

He gets all quiet and points his finger. I follow the path his tiny little finger followed.

Yup, you guessed it. It was planted right square in the middle of my MIL.

I think my face flushed to every shade of red. At one point one may not have been able to distinguish my face from my hair.

Um, no Camryn. I have said that I may DISLIKE some of Nanny’s actions, but I don’t HATE her. That is a harsh word to say”.

I stood there like a fool while my MIL was laughing. Gloating, more like it.

AND I could have shot my husband right on the spot for laughing when Camryn says this.

I REALLY need to watch my mouth from now on. My child actually DOES listen to me.


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