Camryn went to church

We all know I am not religious in the slightest. I am all for the beliefs of anyone else. Just don’t try pushing them on me. All your hard work will get a dorr in your face.

As per my other post, my IL’s came over this weekend. On Friday night we (Shawn, me and the kids), and Camryn starts spouting off that God made the entire world and such. I asked who taught him that because neither Shawn nor I talk about religion in the house. I wasn’t upset, I was just wondering who his “teacher” was. He informs me it was a friend from school. OK, fine.

Shawn asked him if he wanted to go to church and find out all about God and decide what he wants to from that. Camryn was a OK with it. So was I, surprisingly.

When Shawn’s parents got in last night Shawn says “Oh, you guys need to bring Camryn to church tomorrow.”

They were shocked to say the least and they look at me, to see if I objected.

“I told him to tell you guys”. They were flabbergasted.

So, Camryn comes home today all happy and wanting to go to church next weekend. I don’t mind as long as he doesn’t come home one day condemning me to hell. I will put a stop to it if that ever sprouts.


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