First day of preschool


I woke up this morning realizing that my little monster was leaving me for 3 hours this morning. I had geared myself up for it, but I still bawled like a little baby.

Holdyn started preschool this morning. I woke him up and fed him breakfast (waffles…not the best, but he was fed and no milk to clean up off him), got him dressed, packed his backpack, and we were off to school by 8:30am.

On the way there I was choking back tears, and Holdyn is singing in the back “Cool, Cool. Me go to cool!” Brat. He was happy and I was in some serious pain!

We get to the school (only 30 seconds down the street), and I shuffled him (still singing his awesome song) and Ducky into the school. Come to find out, I was there 20 minutes earlier than we are allowed to to drop off our children, so we sat in the lobby for a few minutes. Holdyn found a basket of apples and was happily munching away on one, still singing his song.

A few minutes before it was time to drop him off, Shawn walks in the front door. I was so happy he got off his CQ duty and was able to see H-man off to his first day of school.

We sign him in and walk to the classroom and he bolts the second he sees this giant sea of toys! He didn’t know what to play with first! I held in my waterworks while we chatted with the director for a minute to see what all will happen, but the second we walk out of the room and the door closes I burst out in tears. Shawn calls me a dork and I want to punch him but there were children around. I look back into the glass part of the door and Holdyn is chattering away with a little girl who is showing him everything.

My babies are growing up too fast! I don’t know how I will handle another day of this maddness.


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