I love when my kids are good

Besides waking up at “too early” am this morning, I love my children today.  Well, I love them EVERYDAY, but today I love them more!!

I LOVE reading.  I used to read (pre-kids) on average about 5 -10 books a week.  I used to get grounded and my mother would ground me FROM MY BOOKS!  It was the WORST punishment I could fathom.  Worse than getting a belt, or making me eat her “home cooked” meals.  You would have thought my world was ending, when she tells me I am grounded and I was forced outside, squinting and crying into the beautiful sunshine with my friends.  Unsuspecting people walking past (HA!  My nearest neighbor was almost a mile away!), would have thought I was locked out with nowhere to go with the ruckus I would cause slamming my fists on the front door and smearing my snot tears with my shirt.

After having kids, I now average about 5 books a YEAR.  I am just far to busy to read and I miss is sorely.  I also am not able to keep books in my house within 4 feet of the floor because I have a 2 year old that thinks he needs extra fiber.  SO, no books for me.  If I felt up to it, I would buy a book from Amazon (my online mistress) and MAYBE (that is a GINORMOUS maybe) get 1/2 way through it before either:

1) a lovely child of mine tears it to shreds when I put it down to go pee

2) it is so boring I want to just throw it away

3) I pull a “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie” and do something and forget about it completly

4) The book falls behind the couch and I forget it is back there

There is  the RARE occasion now that I find a book SO intriguing that I am almost waiting for the MP’s to come knocking on my door for a “Welfare Check”.  I am ALWAYS outside, so I am sure my neighbors wonder where the heck I am when I get so encapsulated by a book.  These are such rare times in my hectic life, though.  My kids don’t make it easy on me to get in the amount of reading that I want/need to.

OK, so a few weeks ago a friend on my BabyFit site recommended a book she had read.  THANKS SASHA if you read this.  After a HUGE debacle with Barnes and Noble on their Nook for PC download I was extremely ticked off that I wasn’t able to download the book from her like I was supposed to.  I tried for almost 4 days but the system was beyond maddening.

I typed up my friend, Michelle, whom I yap at about 20 hours out of the 24 they call a day (I need more hours by the way).  She says “OH!  I have it in PDF form and will email the link to you!”  YAY!  Online BFF’s are just the greatest sometimes!  OK, always (I know she is reading this!).  She emails it to me and I forget all about it as I go about my fast life of cleaning up poop, mashed banana, and puke.

Fast forward about 3 weeks and along comes yesterday afternoon.  My house is spotless (for once), my kids are napping at the SAME TIME (that, alone, is a MAJOR feat), Camryn is at school, and I am beyond bored.  There is nothing on TV (I caught up on my Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, Teen Mom, and Desperate Housewives before I even cleaned).  I have NO hard copy of books that are even remotely intriguing.

DING DING DING!  That proverbial lightbulb clicked on in my head!  I used my AWESOME search function on my GMAIL and found the link that Michelle had sent me a few weeks prior.  That was the beginning of the end for me!

I read a 366 page book, in PDF format, in less than 24 hours.  With kids running around me.  I stayed up late to do it, and it was SOOOOOO worth it.  I would do it again in a heartbeat, but I know the next time I try, my kids will be their normal, needy selfs.  Not that I mind them needing/wanting me, but I really miss being able to curl up and read a book whenever I want to.

Oh, the book I read was “The Hunger Games” and I sincerely recommend it to ANYONE.  I had Michelle send me the link the the second one in the series, but I haven’t been able to read it yet, because I had motherly duties waiting for me this afternoon.

Maybe tomorrow?  Next year?  I think I hit my quota.


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