It takes a website

I am an internet guru.  I can navigate Google with my eyes closed (but not without my coffee first), and I can help people with internet connectivity issues from thousands of miles away.  It is my special power.  I LOVE my special power.

SO, when I was pregnant with my middle son, Holdyn (the holy terror), it was only natural for me to turn online for answers to my questions.  Google answered them all, plus added a whole new list to my notebook pad.  I was going for a VBAC (a Vaginal Birth After Cesarean), and I wanted to arm myself with the best knowledge I could get my coffee stained hands on!

I came across 2 websites are awe AWESOME for Mommies AND Moms-to-be.  A must have in your bookmarks.  2 sites you will visit MULTIPLE times a day (and by multiple I mean I have been known to be on for HOURS at a time…whoops).  My children are still alive and kicking so, I haven’t abandonded them.  Yet.

Let me tell you about them.

First there is  This site is the know all be all of baby and baby related things!  I learned about breastfeeding, babywearing (i LOVE babywearing), and a pregnant woman’s rights that their doctor or hospital doesn’t want them to know about!  A LOT of my research on VBAC came from HOURS on BabyCenter learning a bunch about this controversial subject.  I got my VBAC BTW.  I’m sure I will harp on that some other time unless asked earlier.   If you want to find me on there, I am loganmyangel.  I welcome friends!  I am not on there as much, except to read about babywearing and cloth diapering!

NOW, for my most favorite site of ALL TIME.  OMG!  I could spend the rest of my life on this site!  I have made a few lifelong friends from here.  I am a part of a few groups, some public and some private.  There are Mommy Teams (months/years that our children were born) that are SO eclectic.  There are people from my next door neighbor (almost literal in this.  No lie!  I have met her!), to New Zealand and beyond.  We have next to nothing in common (besides having children) to almost everything.  I have gotten into heated debates and in the next thread we have laughed over the stupid thing one of our husbands did.  It is great, has kept me honest, had me crying, had me laughing, all in the span of 4 or 5 pages.  We have had our claws out, waiting to rip eyes out, then 5 minutes later crying together over the loss of a complete strangers dog or cat.  I couldn’t ask for a greater group of friends, even if we neverr set eyes on each other.  I can honestly say that I would trust almost all my friends on BabyFit to watch my kids, even after having not met them in person.  It says a lot about someone’s character when you can say something like that.

They say it takes a village to raise a child, I say it takes a website.


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