Welcome to my world…

My name is Courtney.  I am a SAHM to 3 awesome little boys (most days) and the wife to my wonderful (again, most days) husband, Shawn who is in the Army.  We have 1 spoiled ass, rotten cat, Cassie, who is a little over a year old, and a spoiled brat of a puppy, Spuds McKenzie (yes.  That is his name.  Honest.), who is 1.5 years old and MIGHT make it to 2.  Maybe.  I’m not sure yet.

With the family that resides in my house there is NO wonder that I have to suck down 2 pots of STRONG BLACK coffee every morning just to survive the trip to the bus stop.  Most days that isn’t even enough to open my eyes fully or even to get dressed before supper time.

My days usually start at 5:30am.  SOMETIMES I am able to sleep in until 5:31am.  I LOVE those mornings.  Those are the mornings that I dream of at night, instead of the puppy dogs and rainbows.

My first pot of coffee starts brewing up it’s awesomeness around 5:15am.  My alarm clock starts shrieking at me at 5:30 on the freaking dot.  The screaming from my phone puts me in a foul mood that would even make even a hormonal teenager cower at my feet in reluctance.

After the first cup of coffee has digested itself, I am semi-human and capable of a decent conversation without curse words streaming out of my mouth as nouns, verbs, adverbs and even punctuation.   I am NOT a morning person if you haven’t figured this out yet.  Mornings are my arch nemesis.  We don’t get along in the slightest.  We are not able to co-habitate peacefully.  But I can’t kick it out.  It sucks.


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